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How to Troubleshoot Your Android Phones

When Reset your ANDROID Phone and How ?
Sometime restarting the Android device can solve a simple issue or problem in operating system. But in case the device get unresponsive or restarting not solve your problem. Simply remove the battery and take it out from the phone wait for 1-2 minutes and put it again, Now restart the device.

If the problem still exist then go for a hard step, Reset your Android device to factory settings. To reset your device go to :-


          OR (in some devices)


Remember that Resetting your Android device will delete all data and apps from your device. So it always good to keep a backup of all data before resetting device.

If your Android phone get unresponsive and Restarting or Resetting your device software doesn't help.
The last option you can use it is a HARD RESET by pressing and holding a combination of keys simultaneously on your…

How to Troubleshoot your Window Mobile Phone

How to Reset your Window Phone and When ?

The Window OS is developed by Microsoft corporation, the Window OS comes with the minimum hardware requirement. So this reason make this OS run faster in almost Mobile phones and this is very stable. But sometime there should be some problems with Window OS operated devices. To get rid of that issues just follow the simple steps :-

If you saw some issue or problem first time in your Window device Switch off and power on your device by pressing Power Button.This may fix your problem, but if the same problem you face it again and again reset your device to factory settings. To restore device go to:-


This will reset device to it's factory settings but all the data will be lost.If the Window stop responding do a Hard Reboot by Pressing Volume Down and Power Button simultaneously for 10-12 seconds.

If after doing all above tricks your window device is not responding or issue not solved Try a Hard Reset :-

How To Troubleshoot Your Blackberry Smartphone

How and when Reset your Blackberry Device !

The Stylish Blackberry Z10 or Q10 start running slow and not responding fast, Restarting the Blackberry device may fix some problems by pressing POWER Button for few seconds.
But if the device stop responding and get unresponsive, Press the POWER Button for 15-20 sec to do a hard reboot. This reset your device basic setting and free memory of device, without deleting your data.

Alternatively, If the problem not solved in that case you can restore your Blackberry device to its factory settings. To Restore follow the given steps:-

Go to  SETTINGS > SECURITY AND PRIVACY > SECURITY WIPE , Type BLACKBERRY for confirmation and all you'r done.

Depending on your data and applications it can take few mins up to half an hour or more to restore your device to factory settings.

How to Backup and Restore your BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 Devices To Create backup for Z10 or Q10 devices first you download and install BlackBerry LinkApplication to your P…

How to troubleshoot your smartphone-iphone

How and when Reset your iPhone !

The iPhone is a outcome product of tight and best Integration between Software and Hardware. There is a very less possibility of hardware failure or software issues, But there might be sometime when apps start crashing, and the Device start run slower than normally.

When the problem start with your iPhone device Restarting the device may solve some issues. To do this follow the given steps:-

Press the POWER button for a few seconds and then follow the screen instructions to restart your device.

If the problem still exists, you have to try the other option that is Resetting the device back to its factory settings. To do this follow the given steps:-


In reset, you see many options on the screen:-

If the problem in your iPhone is minor, Like it hang for instance, Reset your device handset using option RESET ALL SETTINGS.
This option only reset your mobile to basic settings without deleting your data or the apps you hav…

Woman Security -Safety with technology- NEO

When we talk about woman's security and safety in today scenario's it's going to be very difficult. Family members can't follow them always or with them at every moment.

Well from ancient times till now woman's used many tricks to make themselves safe and secure, Carry small and hidden weapons like knife's, guns, chili spray etc.

This is 21st century the century of technology, computer's, mobiles and latest techniques. So in today scenario this technology could be a better weapon for a modern woman, who can fly to space and go to work place alone, like to travel alone.

So what i want is that woman's will be safe and secure anywhere they are at work place, roaming around, going collage at mall or inside home.

So here i am going to tell you about few Apps by downloading and using on your smartphone, you can increase your security level and make a defensive wall around yourself.

1. FightBack [FB]

This Apps is developed by CanvasM Technologies Limited a lead…