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Top 10 job search portal for job seekers and recruiters in Australia

Friends finding job and building career in Australia is a dream of many peoples. But without good job no one can build a good career. So here i am listing top 10 job portals for searching job in Australia. Good luck , Good future please share if find it useful.
1. Seek Jobs :- This is the number one Australian job portal with over 1,000,000 jobs in all fields.

2. CareerOne Jobs :- It is one of the best job portal in Australia setup since 1999, and in the year of 2008 entered a joint venture with The global online job portal and employment solutions.

3. MyCareer Jobs :- Mycareer jobs is the job portal owned by the same owner The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Newspapers Fairfax Media. This job portal provide many job related information about work in Australia.

4. JobServe Jobs :- It is the world first job portal, founded in the year 1993.

5. BlueCollar :- It's a good job portal, founded in the year 2003. Advertising jobs in service, technical and trade sectors.

6. JobSe…

List of top 10 job portals in India for Recruiters and Job seekers

There are many job portals, But here i am going to provide a list of top job portals for recruiters as well as for Job seekers.


2. Monster India
3. Times Jobs
4. Click Jobs

5. Bixee Jobs

6. Shine Jobs

7. CareerAge Jobs

8. Fresher World Jobs

9. CareerJet Jobs

10. FreshercafeJobs

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Change Lifestyle With The Apps

If you're Smartphone User, and you use your smartphone only for Gaming. Then maybe you are just using 5%  of your device functionality to entertain yourself. Whatever, smartphone not means only high end Games.

You can also control your lifestyle and make it more better. With the help of your smartphone you can manage your daily routine very efficiently. I am here going to tell you about Few Apps and tips that will change your lifestyle and make you more productive.

Wake Up Apps :-
This is 21st century, Era of technology and Apps. So nowadays Monotones alarms clocks are outdated things. Now you can set new ringtones or your favorite sing tones as your alarm tones in your mobile.
If you want to try something different to make your morning more fresh, Then you can convert your radio station to Alarm tone. And wake up with your favorite RJ voice. Installing Radio Alarm App (IOS) or Alarm Clock Radio (ANDROID) on your smartphone, you can convert radio streams as your alarm tones.
Except a…

Now Get and Read Mobile SMS on Your Computer Screen

While busy at workstation, or doing something Important the thing distract your concentration is coming text messages on your mobile. But now you can receive and reply text messages directly from your computer.

Working Professional or Running personal business and you doing busy at some important work. One coming text message on your mobile divert all your concentration. You get up open your mobile messages read it, and if it is company or marketing message it feel very bad. At working time such sms irritates most of the time. But now here is a solution. If you'r a Android user then you can read and reply coming sms from your computer or laptop screen, without touching your phone. With MIGHTY TEXT App you can receive and reply your text messages direct from your browser. All you need is a Android phone with internet connection.

Instructions to install and use MIGHTY TEXT App.
First you install MIGHTY TEXT App as a browser extension on your PC. This App supports Google Chrome, Fire…

How To Install Android Apps on Your Window or Mac Computer

Now Enjoy Famous Android Games On Window/Mac PC.

If You get access to play famous Android games like Angry Bird Space, Talking Tom Cat on your PC. How it feel ? Now you'll ask how ? Is it possible ? Yes, you can play now Apps and Android games on your window PC. Android games and Apps are world famous, but one can only play at Android devices or tab.

Follow the given steps to play Android games on your PC :-
Step 1 :- To play android games on your PC download and install BLUESTACKS Software. BLUESTACKS is a Magical software, It provide virtual environment for Android apps.

Step 2 :- After downloading and installing BLUESTACKS software. Run the application and go to settings, and set the directional keys. After setting each keys press Enter. Now all done you'r ready to enjoy Android games on your PC. Go to App store, there are three app stores. You can choose from where you want to download games and Apps and play within the application.