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How To Troubleshoot Your Blackberry Smartphone

How and when Reset your Blackberry Device !

The Stylish Blackberry Z10 or Q10 start running slow and not responding fast, Restarting the Blackberry device may fix some problems by pressing POWER Button for few seconds.
But if the device stop responding and get unresponsive, Press the POWER Button for 15-20 sec to do a hard reboot. This reset your device basic setting and free memory of device, without deleting your data.

Alternatively, If the problem not solved in that case you can restore your Blackberry device to its factory settings. To Restore follow the given steps:-

Go to  SETTINGS > SECURITY AND PRIVACY > SECURITY WIPE , Type BLACKBERRY for confirmation and all you'r done.

Depending on your data and applications it can take few mins up to half an hour or more to restore your device to factory settings.

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