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How to troubleshoot your smartphone-iphone

How and when Reset your iPhone !

The iPhone is a outcome product of tight and best Integration between Software and Hardware. There is a very less possibility of hardware failure or software issues, But there might be sometime when apps start crashing, and the Device start run slower than normally.

When the problem start with your iPhone device Restarting the device may solve some issues. To do this follow the given steps:-

Press the POWER button for a few seconds and then follow the screen instructions to restart your device.

If the problem still exists, you have to try the other option that is Resetting the device back to its factory settings. To do this follow the given steps:-


In reset, you see many options on the screen:-

If the problem in your iPhone is minor, Like it hang for instance, Reset your device handset using option RESET ALL SETTINGS.
This option only reset your mobile to basic settings without deleting your data or the apps you hav…