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Change Lifestyle With The Apps

If you're Smartphone User, and you use your smartphone only for Gaming. Then maybe you are just using 5%  of your device functionality to entertain yourself. Whatever, smartphone not means only high end Games.

You can also control your lifestyle and make it more better. With the help of your smartphone you can manage your daily routine very efficiently. I am here going to tell you about Few Apps and tips that will change your lifestyle and make you more productive.

Wake Up Apps :-
This is 21st century, Era of technology and Apps. So nowadays Monotones alarms clocks are outdated things. Now you can set new ringtones or your favorite sing tones as your alarm tones in your mobile.
If you want to try something different to make your morning more fresh, Then you can convert your radio station to Alarm tone. And wake up with your favorite RJ voice. Installing Radio Alarm App (IOS) or Alarm Clock Radio (ANDROID) on your smartphone, you can convert radio streams as your alarm tones.
Except a…