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Woman Security -Safety with technology- NEO

When we talk about woman's security and safety in today scenario's it's going to be very difficult. Family members can't follow them always or with them at every moment.

Well from ancient times till now woman's used many tricks to make themselves safe and secure, Carry small and hidden weapons like knife's, guns, chili spray etc.

This is 21st century the century of technology, computer's, mobiles and latest techniques. So in today scenario this technology could be a better weapon for a modern woman, who can fly to space and go to work place alone, like to travel alone.

So what i want is that woman's will be safe and secure anywhere they are at work place, roaming around, going collage at mall or inside home.

So here i am going to tell you about few Apps by downloading and using on your smartphone, you can increase your security level and make a defensive wall around yourself.

1. FightBack [FB]

This Apps is developed by CanvasM Technologies Limited a lead…