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How to Troubleshoot your Window Mobile Phone

How to Reset your Window Phone and When ?

The Window OS is developed by Microsoft corporation, the Window OS comes with the minimum hardware requirement. So this reason make this OS run faster in almost Mobile phones and this is very stable. But sometime there should be some problems with Window OS operated devices. To get rid of that issues just follow the simple steps :-

If you saw some issue or problem first time in your Window device Switch off and power on your device by pressing Power Button.This may fix your problem, but if the same problem you face it again and again reset your device to factory settings. To restore device go to:-


This will reset device to it's factory settings but all the data will be lost.If the Window stop responding do a Hard Reboot by Pressing Volume Down and Power Button simultaneously for 10-12 seconds.

If after doing all above tricks your window device is not responding or issue not solved Try a Hard Reset :-